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Guitar Fixation Talks Up Killer Ant (BH1H)

Guitar Fixation is a relatively new site, but has a ton of great info. From product reviews to interviews with amp designers, Guitar Fixation caters to the tweaker and tone junkie. So when we were searching for Blackheart-related tweets (oh yeah, follow us if you're into Twitter @blackheartamps) and saw a link to a Blackheart Killer Ant review, we had to check it out and, boy, are we glad we did.

You can read the full review here, but here's some choice quotes regarding the Blackheart BH1H Killer Ant head:

"The tone of this amp is awesome for something so inexpensive - it costs the same as most effect pedals!"

"I just end up leavig the volume at ten and using the volume knob on my guitar to do the rest"

And our favorite...

"To me, the Killer Ant is a near perfect amp for those of you who want killer tube distortion at a volume that will not cause you permanent hearing loss"

But, why listen to us? Here it is straight from the horse's mouth. Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Sopko of Guitar Fixation:

Little Giant, meet Doron Zor


I love the smell of a fresh review in the morning. And this one is killer. It’s from a notable member of our Test Animal group, Doron Zor.

It covers the Little Giant Combo (BH5-112) from the musician’s perspective. Check out Doron’s site…one track will clue you in that he knows his stuff. His ability to blend into virtually any style says something about the versatility of this little combo. Without further ado…the writings of Doron Zor (the first bit reads like a haiku…awesome!):


The Little Giant.

By Doron Zor


One channel with a five-watt/three-watt selector.

Three-band EQ which allows easy manipulation of frequency.

The difference between the five and the three-watt feature makes all the difference in the world when you step into a studio situation.


Many players will agree with me on this. Who wouldn’t want to play an amp at bedroom volume and yet still get the same huge sound that you get when the amp is cranked? I had the pleasure of working with this amp in the studio the very same day I received it. I found that even at low volume i still had tons of “punch” to my sound. I used a Sennheiser e906 and Shure SM57. Very common and simple microphones.

(No EQ, compressors or any other modification was done to the sound).



Breakup Point

Due to the fact that the Little Giant is a Class-A amp. You can count on it to respond to your attack.  If you use humbuckers, most likely it will breakup faster than a guitar with single pickup configuration.



Sounds and Options

This amp has got to be the easiest plug-and-play amps I have ever used. Whether you play jazz, rock, funk, blues, smooth jazz or whatever you can come up with. You can just tweak the onboard EQ to suit your sound. Before I had the Little Giant I used pedals to get certain sounds. Now I find, I just need to move some buttons around and I can achieve a great tone.


Studio Situation

Recently I was hired for a smooth jazz project. The producer is a huge Lee Ritenour fan. You know…that big semi-hollow body sound with a slight overdrive. I had all my pedals ready to produce any sound that was required for the job, but never had a chance to use them. While firing the amp up and coming up with ideas for a solo. The producer turned to me and said, “That’s it! That’s the sound i am looking for”. Using an AKG 414 as the main mic, the amp delivered an amazing amount of response and feel.



During the course of my first two weeks with the Little Giant, I wanted to put the amp to the test. Throwing all kinds of pedals in front of it and stacking different layers. Just wanted to see when the amp will choke up. I laid a drum track, recorded a rock bass riff and pushed the amp with a BB preamp by Xotic pedals. When I stepped on the pedal using the 5-watt position, I noticed the amp still had some air. By adding a compressor to the chain, I was hit with the richest rock tone I heard in the longest time.


Thinking to myself…how to flip the mood and go for the extreme opposite??? BB King-style blues sound should do it, trusting the BB Preamp to deliver due to its name (Blues Breaker). Mind you, I had to change from the 5 to the 3-watt stage. The 3-watt on half volume is warmer than the 5-watt at the same volume stage. Rolling the gain down from the BB with a slight treble tweak really did sound very similar to the tone of the blues king himself.


Thank you for reading,

Doron Zor

Music Is Our Radar

musicradar1.jpgWell, actually that's a Blur song. But, a site based in the UK, has done guitarists a great service with their audio samples of our BH5H Little Giant 5-watt head. Click here and you'll get to their review, which includes 5 separate audio files with their test guitar in different settings (bridge pickup, neck pickup, etc.). The test guitar is a Japanese Strat with EMG single coil pickups--not the most universal test guitar, but you'll still be able to tell how great this little guy sounds.

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