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Rusty Wright Shows Blackheart Some Love

RWBCheader.jpgYou guys remember the Rusty Wright Band, right? Here's the original story if you want to catch up. In short, The Rusty Wright band is a killer blues band out of Flint, Michigan. They play everywhere and have recently started using their Blackheart Amps for rehearsal and studio work.

Well, they just did a really nice podcast with Mike Yusi of UCRadio Podshow. He asked them about their gear and they had to mention their cool little Blackheart amps. Here's the bit about Blackheart:

Of course, you should check out the podcast in it's entirety. Click here for part one.

Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Hope you keep on playing your Blackheart and spreading the music!

Guitar Fixation Talks Up Killer Ant (BH1H)

Guitar Fixation is a relatively new site, but has a ton of great info. From product reviews to interviews with amp designers, Guitar Fixation caters to the tweaker and tone junkie. So when we were searching for Blackheart-related tweets (oh yeah, follow us if you're into Twitter @blackheartamps) and saw a link to a Blackheart Killer Ant review, we had to check it out and, boy, are we glad we did.

You can read the full review here, but here's some choice quotes regarding the Blackheart BH1H Killer Ant head:

"The tone of this amp is awesome for something so inexpensive - it costs the same as most effect pedals!"

"I just end up leavig the volume at ten and using the volume knob on my guitar to do the rest"

And our favorite...

"To me, the Killer Ant is a near perfect amp for those of you who want killer tube distortion at a volume that will not cause you permanent hearing loss"

But, why listen to us? Here it is straight from the horse's mouth. Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Sopko of Guitar Fixation:

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