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Header.jpgThe-Family.jpgEvery year, Seattle's Capitol HiDay-One-Winner.jpgll neighborhood holds a block party. You might be thinking of families cooking out in the front yard, maybe a bouncy house or are wrong. The Capitol Hill Block party is two solid days of boozing, sweating and listening to some of the best indie acts out there.

As a sponsor, Blackheart decided to set up a booth and let the average Joe rip away. We brought the whole Blackheart family of amps, including the new BH100H Hothead and matching cab. Each day, we gave away a Killer Ant stack (BH1H and BH110). In order to enter, you had to play through the Killer Ant. We got tons of great photos and some video.

Check out Blackheart product manager, Zane, as he lures in the crowd with devilish feats of guitaritude.

There are more Blackheart demos coming to events near you. We will keep you updated...hey, maybe you can win something.

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