Blackheart Amps and British Pop-Punk


We recently received an email from Cherry Blossom Melodies, a pop-punk group out of Norwich, UK. By the way, they are looking for a drummer…Anyway, their bassist, Robb just got his hands on a Blackheart Little Giant head (BH5H). Here’s what he had to say:



Says on your website to send in stories and picture.
Right. Here’s the story…BLACKHEARTS RULE! (Not bad. eh? I’m thinking It’s a number one best seller)
I played my first show with my new little giant yesterday!
Man, what an amp! It really did me proud and suits the tone my bands is going for -

Here's a bit of background on the group, courtesy of bassist, Robb:

Okay a bit of info on the band and myself.. well where to start? The band's been going since late '07, and I joined in October '08. We've play a few tours up and down the UK and are hoping to hit Europe in late summer. We've play a handful of big shows support artists such as Kris Roe from the Ataris, and Mike TV - new up and coming UK pop band. but most of the shows our of our own back with a fairly good turn out! We racked up a few endorsments since we've been going, a few local music shops and JPS strings. We have received to label offers from indie labels within England but have declined both as neither suited what we're looking for in that sort of commitment.

As for myself, I've been playing guitar for 5 years and will be studing creative music at univestity in september. i've played in a handful of different bands over the years ranging from deathmetal to jazz, although cherry blossom melodies. my current project looks the most hopeful.

Thats about it really, not much else to it!


Here's a slice of video that Robb was nice enough to share:

We sure did enjoy that. Thanks for your support, Robb. Keep the stories coming!



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