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We recently received an email from one of our best supporters, the Rusty Wright Band out of Flint, Michigan. They recently purchased two “Little Giant” stacks (BH5H head & BH112 cabinet) and found out that Blackheart amps can go from “practice amp” to “recording rig” in no time at all.

Here’s what they had to say:

Just had to touch base and tell you how much we love, love LOVE the “Little Giants” my husband and I bought recently.  I ordered a pair of them thinking they'd be cool to keep at home so we wouldn't have to unload our heavy road racks for band rehearsals. I enjoy mine so much I insisted on using it at our next show. The audio tech mic'd it up and it sounded fabulous.  Rusty likes his so much he re-cut the main guitar track on one of the songs from our upcoming CD - replacing a track he originally recorded using his Vox AC30.

Also, last week when Rusty went down to do a guitar session for another artist he took his Little Giant with him, along with some of his other "high end" amps. They set the Little Giant at 3 watts, put some nice mics on it and dialed it to 10 and it sounded big as a house. Al [Hurschman] was so impressed with the tone they used the Little Giant for the entire session.

We're both a couple of gear hounds and as far as we're concerned, these Little Giants were the best purchase of the year!  Congrats on coming up with such a great product in such a small package! 

I've attached an MP3 (
Lost Souls.mp3) of the song recorded with the Blackheart.  Hope you enjoy it. It’s called Lost Souls.

All the best from the cold Midwest,

Laurie LaCross-Wright (& Rusty Wright)
Rusty Wright Band
Flint, Michigan

Please check out the tune and hear for yourself why Blackheart amps are being used more and more every day by both touring and recording artists.

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