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Handsome Devil Test Animal Video

tomw_3.jpgHave a look and a listen as Test Animal Tom Watterson takes a stroll through tone town on one of the new Handsome Devil 15 combos. Tom thoughtfully tests out the HD's tonal palette, experimenting with various levels of drive, Pentode/Triode settings and a general display of tasteful knob twiddling. We appreciate Tom's earlier work on the Killer Ant and Little Giant, so we asked him to  lay his holy hands on the unholiest of our new amps. No, they're not shipping quite yet but the rest of us Animals are working overtime to get them to you. It's well worth the wait... promise.

In the meantime, sit back, pop open a bag of pork rinds and prepare to be amazed....


Take A Look At Me (And My Little Ant) Now...

watterson-bh1h.jpgOur ol' pal Tommy Watterson just wasn't happy being a radio star, he had to try and make it in Hollywood. So he fired up his video camera and filmed himself demoing our latest Blackheart amp, the less-than-1- watt BH1H "Killer Ant" head. The result? Not exactly an epic, being that it's about a tiny single-ended, Class A amp with one tube and a solid state rectifier in it, along with 4, 8 and 16 ohm jacks so you can power any cabinet in the land. But listen to (and watch) this short biopic and you'll see why Tom continues to ignore other amps and only uses Blackheart. Well, let's hope video doesn't kill this radio star, since we know there are more Blackheart products in the hopper.

Click here to see the BH1H on the silver screen.

The Czech's In The Tube

czechband.jpgCzech band Expedice Apalucha recently did a live internet broadcast in Prague and guitarist Petr Stepan brought his BH5-112 for the gig. Note, he's playing with a full band here. Sure, the BH5-112 (and BH5 head) is only 5 watts, but they're 5 watts that count. Petr and his Little Giant (pun intended) fared well, though the band's lead singer is covered here by a picture of our groovy little combo. Sorry buddy.

Click here to uhhh, hear Expedice Apalucha's "sad and lonely" tune...

BHE Pirate Radio #2 - Tom Watterson Reprise

bhe_radio_watterson2.jpgI'm startin' to think Tom oughta just work for us full time. I'm not sure what he does for his day job, but apparently his nightshift is filled with putting Blackhearts to the test. This time he took a BH15 and put together "She Will Return," and maybe she will, but maybe he needs to spend less time with his Blackheart and more time with hers... Sorry, I don't mean to go all Dr. Phil on ya! [Stick to the story, bro.] Keep yr shirt on.

Click here and find out why she left...

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