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Viva la Blackheart-French Review Says "Ooh-La-La"

BH5-112-Guitar-Part_web.jpgFrench tone authority, Guitar Part, recently reviewed the Blackheart Little Giant 5 Combo, aka BH5-112. Aside from just sounding sexy and cool because it's in French, it seems our brothers of tone across the water were quite taken, dare we say "in amore" with just about everything the amp has to offer. Under the plus column.."the clean sound and the overdrive are superb, the finishing is perfect...a very great success." What about the "negative" column you ask? "I've thought and thought, really, but...nothing." Thanks guys. Vous Avez Notre Coeur!

Lights, Camera, Blackheart: New User Video

wampler_bh.jpgHere at BHE, we're blessed with a lot of passionate guitar players that want to share their tone joy with the World. And what better way to do that than with a hand held camera and a boom mic? BHE Test Animal, tone guru and all around Midwestern guy Brian from Indyguitarist.com made this great video demo. We're so flattered, impressed and too lazy to make our own that we want to share it, too. Click here like you mean it, sit back and enjoy!

Die Gitarre & Bass Also Digs Die Blackheart

gitarre_und_bass_0108.jpg...Well, at least, we THINK they do. We tried reading this lengthy review in Gitarre & Bass's January 2008 issue (which just arrived on our desk) of the Little Giant ("Wenig Riesig" in German!) BH5-112 combo, but we gave up halfway through the second paragraph.

Thing is, if you read reviews regularly, you know that frequently you get a pretty good summary of the article just by reading the last paragraph. So, we went to the last paragraph, copied it into our trusty computer translation widget, and here's what we got:

In German:
Ein Boutique-Amp? Im Prinzip schon, es fehlt allein an einer handverlöteten Punkt-zu-Punkt-Verdrahtung und an einem entsprechend überzogenen Preis...

Translated by Compu-Widget into English:
A fashion shop Amp? In principle already, it is missing alone at a hand-soldered wiring of point of point and at an accordingly covered price...

Now, I don't think that's exactly it... but I think what they're getting at is something like, "Not exactly a boutique amp, since it's not point-to-point handwired, but for the price it KICKS ASS.

Toyhouse Demos Blackheart... Hear It For Yourself

bh_youtube_demo_0208.jpgOne of the great things about "working" for Blackheart is that a lot of you out there do our work for us. Case in point: The guys in the band Toyhouse recorded a cover of the song "Diamond in the Rough," using a Blackheart BH5H "Little Giant" head run through a 4x12 M****all cabinet, miked with a Shure SM57.

So, if you've been fretting about not being able to try one out because your local guitar amporium has sold out of Blackhearts, now you can hear it for yourself. And then, we're sure you'll hunt down a Blackheart. In fact, we urge you to do the following. After hearing Toyhouse demo the BH5H (the link is below), drive straight over to your favorite music store, walk up to the counter, smack your open hand down on the counter and exclaim: "My good man [or woman], I see you have no Blackhearts in stock, which is an error of epic proportions. Be that as it may, I would like you to order a Blackheart for me immediately. I have money [or credit or barter or whatever you got] and I am anxious to rock a BH5 [or BH15H or any of the other great models] for myself. Make haste--time is wasting!"

The link, folks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08Q4p0ugyKE

From the YouTube page itself: "Toyhouse doing a cover of Diamond In The Rough. A bit heavier version. Watch your speakers, LOL. Better audio file here; http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/12/... Video shows Blackheart amp, the guts inside, preamp tube replace with Mullard 12ax7 and recording space. Guitar used was hotrod strat - Bill DeLap custom - built here in Monterey. Marshall slant cab miced with SM57."

Die German Penthouse Digs Blackheart

Blackheart_GerPenthouse_2-2.jpgUs English speaking Blackheart fans aren't really sure what the German edition of Penthouse is saying about our amps, but we're sure our friends over in Deutschland are only reading the magazine for the articles. Which means they probably know all about the BH5H head and BH112 cabinet that are shown in the little blurb. We inset a crop of the magazine cover just to titillate you.

If you happen to feel generous, pick up a copy of the magazine for us, will ya? Please be sure to send it in a plain brown wrapper, to: Blackheart Marketing Overlord, LOUD Technologies, 16220 Wood-Red Rd. NE, Woodinville, WA 98072. It's for, ummmm, archival purposes. We swear. 

Close To The Edge

guitaredge_review_3-4-08.jpgYes, that is a Yes reference. Our older brothers had that album. It was alright, I suppose. Anyhow... Guitar Edge magazine has a little featurette on the BH5H head and BH112 cabinet in their March/April 2008 issue. We quote: "Lives up to the Blackheart name with a menacing appearance," and "[We were] instantly impressed... The tone was pure, sparkling, deep, and pleasantly gritty." Sounds like a girl I used to date...

Find Guitar Edge at newsstands now while the issue's still on sale...

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