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Gearwire Leaks Blackheart... Just To Get A Head

Gearwire.com stopped by the Blackheart booth at the 2008 NAMM show in Anaheim last week and shot some video of BHE's own Pyotr Belov demoing the upcoming Blackheart BH100H, a 100-watt all-tube head. Sitting atop the matching straight and slant 4x12" cabs, this "Hothead" is a monster boutique-style guitar amp with two full-featured channels and a lot more. Go here to see more. Go here to see Belov in action at Gearwire.com.


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Killer Ant Attacks Southern California!
Blackheart’s new mini-mutant unleashed on unsuspecting NAMM crowd

Blackheart_Killer_Ant_and_Cab.jpgANAHEIM, California - NAMM stand 5776, Hall B -- The tiny-yet-menacing follow-up to Blackheart Engineering’s Little Giant 5, the BH1H “Killer Ant” ($139.99 estimated street price) is the first truly attainable, boutique-quality, fractional tube amp. Boasting Class A, single-ended circuitry, this lil’ bugger delivers the tasty, touch-responsive tube tone of a classic monster, but growls at volumes more suitable for apartment dwellers and home studio recording.

Fiendishly designed on a beer-stained cocktail napkin, prototyped, then “brought to life and mercilessly experimented on” in a one-car garage down in the Lone Star State, the Killer Ant is engineered to the same exacting standards as the Little Giant 5. And like its big bro, this new tone-drone features completely overbuilt component specs, from one-watt resistors in the signal path to a double-sided PCB with two-ounce traces.

The Killer Ant embraces a fully classic, all-tube circuit; but, instead of a high power tube output section, it sports a clever, all-tube power block pumping out a mere fraction of one watt. The result is a Bic-flickin’ arena rock tone at a bedroom level, so no more pissed off neighbors, bitchy wives or girlfriends, or cryin’ babies that have just been scared awake by your beast.

Designed to mate with the Killer Ant (it’s not really as disgusting as that sounds), Blackheart’s new slightly-larger-than-palm-sized BH110 “Killer Cab” ($139.99 street price) features a single 10-inch Eminence driver co-designed by Pyotr Belov that is perfectly paired to pull huge body out of the amplifier. Four-, eight- and 16-ohm extension speaker jacks further allow guitarists to hook the Ant into virtually any cab they like, including a 4X12.

Although the cabinet is “itsy-bitsy,” it’s built to take a good beating with 15-ply (18mm), void-free wood expertly covered in durable black tolex. Final touches include distinctive white piping accents, salt and pepper cloth-covered front baffle, and the rakish, tattoo-like charm of the Blackheart Engineering logo.

“We originally tried to design something so small you’d lose it and have to buy another one,” says Blackheart marketing sleaze Kevin Van Pamel. “In the process, we realized this thing sounds fantastic. Go figure.”

The Killer Ant and Cab are expected to colonize in music stores then march into homes around the world beginning in April.

Along with other new Blackheart Engineering/LOUD products for 2008, the Killer Ant and Killer Cab are on display in booth #5776 (Hall B) at the NAMM Convention in Anaheim, California, from January 17-20.

About Blackheart
Blackheart Engineering is a new guitar amplifier company benefiting from both the design expertise of Pyotr Belov and manufacturing muscle of Crate/LOUD Technologies Inc. Dedicated to delivering the best old-school, all-tube tone at price points within any guitarist’s reach, Blackheart truly embraces the camaraderie, attitude and spirit of irreverence that is rawk!
For more information visit: http://www.blackhearteng.com.
Blackheart Engineering is a trademark of Loud Technologies Inc. in the United States and all other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners

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Blackheart’s Handsome Devil Is A Smokin’ Hottie

15 watts of wicked Class A, all-tube power and damn fine lookin’!

ANAHEIM, California - NAMM stand 5776, Hall B -- As if they weren’t already setting the boutique amp market on its snobby little ears, the impishly wisecracking tone junkies at Blackheart Engineering have announced their diabolical plans to conjure up and unveil yet another classic amp design, the “Handsome Devil”. Available in two totally wicked versions - as a disembodied head (BH15H, $299.99 US street price) and single 12-inch combo (BH15H-112, $399.99 street price) - the dashing ol’ Devil is a meticulous take on 15-watt, Class A amplifier designs from tube amplification’s golden era.

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