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Blackheart Customer Tom Watterson Slips Inside the Secret Lab

As much as we'd like to claim that every Blackheart Engineering product is perfect, we live in an imperfect world. It's a sad reality we reflect on every day, pondering our options as the coffee goes cold and the soldering iron waits. So, when Tom Watterson's Little Giant 5 showed up DOA, we figured we'd prove we're serious about the relationship and offer to fix it...while he waited.

Tom W Rocks 2.jpg
Tom spent a recent day in the super secret, two car garage we call the Lab getting the world's first look at the 2008 Line up and rockin' out like he meant it on both the just-about-born, fractional watt Killer Ant and the nearly-ready-for prime time 15W, Class A Handsome Devil.  The Belov hand fed and cared his Little Giant 5 back to health and Tom got to chat with the man himself.  Thanks to Tom for coming by and giving his input, thumbs up and spare time to the little ol' enterprise we call Blackheart Engineering.

Handsome Devils, Hotheads and Killer Ants...Oh my.  Keep an eye on the BHE site for all the new 2008 amplifiers that we'll be unleashing on an unsuspecting World come January (Shipping around March-ish).

They Might Be Giants... Little Giants, That Is

GB-Backheart_0108.jpgGuitar Buyer, a UK magazine for guitar gear whores like ourselves, has run a little featurette on our Little Giant in the January 2008 issue. The article gives you the barebones deets of the BH5H head and BH112 cabinet, and also notes the availability of the BH5-112 combo amp. We're sure you're aware by now that these amps are all-tube, with a 5-watt/3-watt pentode/triode output switch, as well as treble/middle/bass controls, and a custom-voiced speaker made by Eminence.

Word on the street is there's a big demand for these babies right now... get one before they're all sold out, mate.

It's a Great Logo....just ask Max

Blackheart_Max1.jpgYou think we don't read the forums? Of course we do, how else would we know for a fact that exactly 50% of all humans currently in existence hate the BHE logo while the other, more enlightened 50% love it so deeply that they're digging through the couch cushions right now, trying to come up with enough scratch for a sweet BHE tatt. 

Well leave it to the children to bring us all together, restore peace and end arguments once and for all. This awesome artwork you're looking at right here comes to us compliments of a little guy we'll just call "Max". Max's old man was one of the first tone questers to snag up the ever elusive Little Giant 5. Mesmerized by the trans-like pull of the Blackheart Eng. "Heart & Flora" logo, Max took crayon in hand and forever stamped his approval on the nearest wall.

Max, we like've got destiny on the end of that crayon and little Blackheart in your soul.

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