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So you wanna be a rock 'n' roll star?!

dustin_rockstar_small.jpgHere's a shot from the video shoot for Blackheart's very first video, No Regrets. The guy who played the drummer in the video shot this with his cellphone from the drumthrone (that rhymes!)... it's Dustin as the Rockstar. Reminds me of one of those old records like Cheap Trick at Budokan or something... "ALL RIGHT TOKYO! ARE YOU READY? WILL YOU WELCOME EPIC RECORDING ARTIST... DUSTIN BLACKHEART!!!!"
Just when the internet seemed like a lot of useless hype and empty promises, our good friend and Test Animal "Red Ant" harnesses its power to answer the growing forum cry of "has anyone heard these things?" by laying down some of the first documented Little Giant 5 tracks. If you want to hear the Little Giant 5 in the hands of a true Master, just head on over to the Test Animals section of the site and refresh until you see the Red Ant feature card.  Click on a few of the selections to hear the LG5 being put through its paces. Thanks Ant man, you're huge!

We Love Our Calendar Girl...

Look for everybody's favorite new all-tube guitar amp in the calendar included with the 2008 Guitar Review Guide, on newsstands any day now in the US. The sweet brunette you see here is pictured in her entirety (!) with the Blackheart BH5H head and BH112 cabinet, available separately or as a, uhhh, pair. If you haven't yet tried out a Blackheart for yousrself, you oughta head over to your local dealer now. Can't guarantee the model in the picture will be there—that is, the one in the bikini—but you never know...

Sneak Peak: Purple Mystery Lurks in the Dimly Lit Labs of BHE

The beauty about being one of those people that religiously read obscure blogs is that every now and then you come across a glimpse into the future--a little tidbit of information you can pull out during your book club to cut through the mundane blather about character development and plot twists. Well, consider today payday because you're looking at a new speaker design from BHE which of course means there's a new product on its way. While we won't tell you about the box this little purple 10" goes into (again designed in an unholy union between Pyotr Belov and the good folks at Eminence), we will tell you its part of yet another killer little amp about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world. Like its big brother and sister, the 12" open back and 12" closed back designs, the 10" purple speaker (Okay, we haven't spent a lot of time on a name yet) is tweaked to maximize the tone circuit of a specific new amp design we won't show until this January.

My Purple 10 inch.jpg

Feature Mod: Mojo's Little Giant 5 Hand Wired Board

pcb_to_hw.jpgThe only thing cooler than a Blackheart amplifier is the way some owners hot rod them up once they're in their hot little hands. We're not your typical boutique amp snobs. We're amp snobs that get a genuine kick out of the hot rodded versions of our little babies, especially in the hands of true tone crafters. To that end, we're pleased as punch if not altogether tickled to introduce you to the Mojo Music Supply hand wired board now available for the Little Giant 5 (head and combo). 

Mojo's approach to the Little Giant 5 is a drop in replacement for the PCB that adds a tube rectifier. The craftsmanship is meticulous and the installation guide is super easy to understand. If you're into the retro vibe of hand wired guitar amplification, or if you can't live without a tube rectifier in your tone, you'll want to give some serious consideration to this mod.

You can read all about it, as well as a sweet little cane weave replacement baffle for the Little Giant 5 Combo right here:

Just remember, playing around with electricity is for professionals. Blackheart in no way condones or recommends novices poking around inside our amplifiers. 

The Blackheart Autopsy Report

BH5H-Guts-Insides.jpgDevil in the Details, Angels in the Architecture …call it what you want but the sonic beauty of a Blackheart Engineering amplifier is only equaled by the meticulous craft that goes into its design and build. We’ve never once (and will not) build a musical instrument with cost as the guiding concern. That’s been done and you can get an amp on the cheap just about anywhere these days. Instead, every amplifier with the BHE “Heart and Flora” badge proudly affixed to it begins life as a hand built, no-compromise piece of gear. Pyotr Belov locks himself in the infamous two-car garage (now in Austin, TX) and makes great amps the way he always has: by hand, with the best materials and without stopping to think about what it’s costing.  

From there, Pyotr translates his designs into a PCB layout for larger production runs and sets out to teach our manufacturing partners, one to one, how to build a great amp using robust parts and design philosophies. He doesn’t head home until it's done and done right. This is the process that sets Blackheart apart and the reason your amp is built like a tank, sounds like an angel and you can actually afford it.

Our Fancy Coporate Press Release

The Blacker The Heart, The Badder The Amp
half_stack.jpgTone junkies rejoice and prepare to kick out the jams: Blackheart's Little Giant has entered the building

WOODINVILLE, Washington - November 2007 -- Blackheart Engineering may be a new name in musical instruments, but with the rollout of its all-tube, vintage-styled Little Giant models (BH5H head, BH112 cabinet, and BH5-112 combo), Blackheart proves that it's old-school all the way, baby.

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