No, we don't harm helpless little animals. Unless you count the occasional stray power chord that knocks Canadian Geese out of the sky. Hey. It's not like they submit a flight pattern or anything. "Test Animals" is just our little pet name for all those folks that make Blackheart what it is. Sometimes it's an artist, sometimes it's special people on the BHE staff that lend their time for hours of extensive late night "rockability" tests, sometimes it's even you.

Got a story, picture, sound clip or video of you and your Blackheart in action? Send it to our main Animal at (except videos--just give us the link) and we'll put the good stuff online. Such as...

You and Pyotr are geniuses! I just got back from my leave and found the amp waiting for me. I felt like a dad expecting a new born child.
What a phenomenal piece of craftsmanship. That amp is truly amazing... I took it to my cubbyhole that same day and plugged it in. It's pretty loud! Perfect for my small space.

Thank you and everyone involved that made this happen. I am extremely grateful for your generosity and compassion!

Ely Martinez
US Army, Iraq

Name: Frank Schmidt

Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new Little Giant. By the way, the name means "Kleiner Gigant" in German...
Name: Mark Smith

"Just purchased a Blackheart little giant 5w head and it's freaking awesome .. my Fender amps and Peavey amps will all be collecting dust now, I can't wait to see what you guys might make in the future .. this amp was perfect inside and out .." Awww .. you make us blush.